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If you spam, you will be kicked. If you are unnecessarily offensive, you will be kicked. Your IP shows up to the admins. If you get offended by the stuff you see here, either suck it up or leave. This is, for the most part, a free for all chat room for CSUSB. If you make any death threats, you will be kicked and your IP will be reported (yes, the admins see your IP address. Get over it.) If you make any suicide threats, you will be instructed to seek help elsewhere other than this rogue chat room.

This is meant to be for fun. Use it for fun. If you are reading this to begin with, it shows that you at least give a damn about rules OR it means you're probably thinking, "hmmm what's the farthest I can go without getting in trouble?" Just don't be stupid. Don't flood the chat room, you will be kicked. If you want to talk to a specific person and not bother anyone else, start a private chat session with them. If you want to talk to a specific group of people, make your own chat room (/join ). This isn't an official CSUSB website and does not represent CSUSB as a university. This is made by CSUSB students for CSUSB students. Unless there are any problems, this chat room is reserved for only students of California State University, San Bernardino.